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Abiding in Christ
Becoming Like Christ through an Abiding Relationship with Him

by Paul Chappell

The Christian life is a relationship. God desires to be with you, and He desires for you to be with Him. He gave His own Son so that you could be reconciled to Him and enjoy a dynamic daily relationship with Him.

In John 15, Jesus invites believers into an abiding relationship that will result in abundant joy, renewed strength, complete transformation, and much fruit. He invites you to abide with Him, experience His joy, obey His Word, bear His fruit, and live for His purpose.

In these pages, Dr. Paul Chappell will lead you on an exciting and encouraging journey to discover the authentic Christian life. You will learn how an intimate relationship with Christ produces a genuine heart and life change. You will find the source of true love, abundant joy, lasting fruit, spiritual maturity, emotional stability, and purpose in life. You will clearly understand how the Christian life was designed to function from the inside out.

If you are weary of attempting to live for Christ in your own strength, these pages will lift your burden and draw you back to a vibrant, renewing walk with a personal Savior.

(168 pages, paperback)

ISBN: 1-59894-019-8


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