I hold Dr. Don Sisk in high regard for many reasons, including his many years of faithfulness to the Lord. It’s incredible to realize, but Dr. Sisk has been in ministry for seventy years. And he continues to serve the Lord with joy. 

It was a blessing to me to sit down with him for the latest episode of the Spiritual Leadership Podcast and discuss what it takes to stay in the ministry for a lifetime. 

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In our discussion, we focused on three areas: maintaining passion, balancing priorities, and holding a biblical ministry position. Here are a few timestamps with highlights from this episode: 

  • 4:17 – How do you maintain the joy of the Lord and passion for ministry in the midst of trials?
  • 8:48 – What are the priorities of life, and how do you keep them balanced?
  • 18:30 – What convictions have help you hold a biblical position?
  • 26:49 – How would you challenge any Christian when they hit a hard spot to keep going? 

Resources mentioned in this episode: 

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