When the Lord first brought me into the pastorate, I was twenty-four years old and had a great desire to reach people in our community with the gospel of Jesus Christ. It’s hard to believe that a few weeks ago, I celebrated my sixtieth birthday, and in a few more weeks, I’ll begin my thirty-seventh year at Lancaster Baptist Church. Sometimes I wonder where the time went!

I still believe that I have far to go, and with every part of my being, I want to finish well to the glory of God.

But I’ve been reflecting over the journey God has given me and noting some of the key aspects of what a biblical journey of local church spiritual leadership should include. I often tell our staff that if a spiritual vision will survive, it must be accompanied by a strategy of faith. In other words, just hoping for the best, isn’t a great plan. We need biblical markers of where we’re going and what we are striving to accomplish for Christ.

In this month’s Spiritual Leadership Podcast, I share very personally about five biblical and essential principles that I have been learning along the way of local church ministry. Some of these are principles that perhaps as leaders we have a tendency to give lip service to but neglect to implement. Some are ones I didn’t start out with in ministry but have worked to develop. All are principles that I am still growing in and still asking God to increase in my life.

I pray that these truths are a help to you as you seek to provide spiritual leadership.

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