If you have a heart for missions and for the spread of the gospel around the world, you are going to love this episode of the Spiritual Leadership Podcast. 

Our three guests on this episode each brought a unique vantage point to our discussion on New Testament missions:

  • Don Sisk—Dr. Sisk has been such a great mentor in my life and in the life of our church. His work as a missionary and influence in missions has been greatly used of the Lord. He has been a missionary since 1964, and in our time together, he shared his testimony, where he has served, and how God has worked. 
  • Luis Montaño—Luis and his wife Maggie have been missionaries in Mexico for eleven years now. He was saved as a sixteen-year-old out of a gang background right here in Lancaster. As his pastor since the time he was saved, it has been a joy for me to see Louis mature in Christ, be called to preach, train at West Coast Baptist College, and then plant a dynamic work in Hermosillo, Mexico. As he shares his testimony in this podcast, it’s fascinating to hear how the Lord led him through these years, including his decision process on learning to preach in Spanish and how and why he chose the city where he now serves to plant a church. 
  • Ricardo Portillo—Ricardo’s parents immigrated from El Salvador and Chili to Australia where they met and married. Ricardo came to West Coast Baptist College where he surrendered to missions, and he now serves the Lord as a church planter in Nicaragua. His story of the amazing providence of God in all of these moves as well as in God’s work to call him to Nicaragua is fascinating. Nicaragua is the second-poorest country in the Southern Hemisphere, yet it was the spiritual need there that most burdened Ricardo to serve in this country. The Lord has used him to plant three three churches in the eight years he and his wife Angela have been there. 

I’m always grateful to see our WCBC graduates, including these men, on the forefront of missions. Luis and Ricardo are both not only West Coast Baptist College graduates, but are missionaries sent out from Lancaster Baptist Church. 

After sharing their testimonies and what God has done so far in their ministries, I asked both to share the current opportunities they have for outreach as well as the threats and dangers they face in their work. 

Dr. Sisk followed up with practical admonitions and needed priorities for missionaries who are new or relatively-new to their field. It was during these comments that he remarked, “If I had to do it over again…I’d do it.” What a refreshing comment from someone who has served the Lord nearly seventy years!

Today, there are entire denominations that have designated social works as missions. But when we look to the New Testament model in Acts, we see missions as winning the lost, discipling them, and planting indigenous churches. Visiting with these men on this focus of missions was refreshing to me, and I believe it will be to you as well.

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