A wonderful event took place at Lancaster Baptist Church this past Sunday night as our church family had the privilege of ordaining four men to the gospel ministry. 

All four of these men graduated from West Coast Baptist College, and all four have served on the staff of Lancaster Baptist Church. Today, all four are preaching the gospel in four different cities around the globe. 

In the ordination service, we had a time of prayer and laying on of hands, as is mentioned in Acts 13:3 as well as in 1 Timothy 4:14, 5:22, and 2 Timothy 5:22. This “laying on of hands” does not bestow any special calling or power on those being ordained. Rather, it is a symbol of our church recognizing the calling God has already given and praying for His power on the lives of these men. 

Prior to any ordination, our deacons and pastoral staff thoroughly question the candidates on their doctrine. Each of these men gave an excellent biblical doctrinal defense and have expressed their commitment to remain firmly grounded doctrinally and positionally. 

In the service last evening, each man shared with our church family their salvation testimony, their call to preach the gospel, and where they are serving now. 

Jacob Bundy: Jacob (pictured top right above) was saved as a young child and called to preach during a church teen camp week. He came to West Coast Baptist College to train for the ministry, where he met his wife Liz. They both graduated in 2016. He then served as the Bus Director at Lancaster Baptist Church for four years. His heart, not just for children, but for entire families to know Christ was evident, and his ministry here was fruitful. This summer, Jacob and Liz moved to Camarillo, California, where Jacob began pastoring the Horizon Baptist Church. 

Isai Gonzalez: Isai (pictured bottom left above) was also saved as a child. After graduating high school, he served in the US Navy for five years. Planning to go on to medical school, Isai decided to first come to West Coast for a one year Bible certificate. During that year, the Lord called him to preach. Isai and his wife Rachel graduated from WCBC with four year degrees in 2014. He has been on our staff for several years now and serves as an Assistant Pastor in our Spanish ministry, where he and Rachel have both been a tremendous blessing.

Chris Reed: Chris (pictured bottom right above) was saved in a Sunday night church service at the age of seventeen. Shortly after, he started a career in the fire department, but about a decade in realized that he could no longer be comfortable with so many people without the gospel. He enrolled in West Coast Baptist College where he met his wife, Becca. They both graduated in 2011 and were married a few months later. Chris served on the WCBC staff for a few years before sensing a call to the foreign field. He and Becca now serve as missionaries, sent out by Lancaster Baptist Church, in the country of Thailand.

Andrew Wippler: Andrew (pictured top left above) and his wife Nicole are special to our church family as both grew up at Lancaster Baptist Church. Andrew was saved as a child. He and Nicole both went to WCBC and graduated in 2009 and 2007 respectively. Andrew served on our staff for several years in IT administration. Sensing God’s call to the mission field, Andrew then served for a few years as an Assistant Pastor in Duluth, Minnesota, for some additional ministry experience. The Wipplers are now on deputation, heading to the field of Finland, with Lancaster Baptist as their sending church. 

All four of these families are dear to our church, and we’re grateful to have had a part in their training and ministry. After presenting the ordination certificates, I preached a message from 2 Timothy 2 on finding strength in the Lord for ministry. I’m thankful that God’s grace is always sufficient, and I’m thankful that it will always be available for these families. 

Please pray for each of these men and their wives, that the Lord would give them long and fruitful ministries as they lift up Christ and preach the gospel. 

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