Several weeks ago, God greatly touched my heart during the Homegoing service of Dr. Roland Rasmussen. As I listened to one person after another share testimonies of his faithfulness as a pastor over the decades, I was encouraged and blessed. I’ll never forget the deacon who stood and wept as he shared how his pastor’s life and leadership had impacted his spiritual growth. 

But perhaps what touched my heart the most was to see Dr. Rasmussen’s sons and daughter give testimony to the ongoing influence of their dad on their lives. He loved the church flock, yes, but he also led and loved his family. 

In this episode of the Spiritual Leadership Podcast, I interview two of Dr. Roland Rasmussen’s sons—Tim who pastors the Faith Baptist Church in Canoga Park, California, and Mark who serves as a vice president here at West Coast Baptist College—about the ways their dad passed on his faith and convictions to them. 

This conversation about generational leadership encouraged and convicted me as a dad and as a pastor. I hope that the principles we discussed will challenge you, as a spiritual leader, to be passionate about souls, family, and biblical convictions.

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