As spiritual leaders, we often see the fruit of a problem that has an unseen root.

In our world right now, we see a lot of hurt, division, hate, and anarchy. There is political and emotional upheaval on every side. 

But rather than rushing to address the surface issues with surface answers, we should turn to the Holy Spirit and the pages of Scripture for discernment and wisdom as to the true issues.

One of the Bible words that speak to the circumstances of our day is delusion. For instance, 2 Thessalonians 2:11 speaks of the delusion that will come during the Tribulation as the world follows the antichrist. I get the sense personally that there is a conditioning already taking place for the revealing of the antichrist. When we see the coming together of good causes (such as civil rights and justice) with anti-God and anti-government causes (such as same-sex marriage and civil anarchy), we begin to realize that there is something deeper going on than immediately meets the eye. There are spiritually-rooted problems involved that we as spiritual leaders must help people sort through. 

So what can Christian leaders do during this unprecedented time of challenges, anger, and unrest?

In recent days, we’ve seen the full gamut of responses. Some leaders have been wise and helpful. Some have been hurtful. And some have seemed to provide merely empty virtue signaling. But God’s Word shows us how we can lead biblically through these times. 

In this episode of the Spiritual Leadership Podcast, my son Larry and I discuss nine specific actions spiritual leaders can take to biblically lead during these days of delusion: 

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