Greetings from Italy! 

A group of believers from Lancaster Baptist and other churches have embarked on the West Coast Baptist College Journeys of Paul tour and are visiting historic sites where the Apostle Paul’s preached the gospel throughout the Mediterranean region. 

It is truly amazing to see firsthand how greatly God used Paul as he shared the gospel all throughout this area and was able to see many churches established. In large part, through the bold witness of this faithful man, the gospel spread “in all the world,” bringing forth fruit throughout the Roman empire (Colossians 1:6). 

As we have been tracing Paul’s footsteps on these missionary journeys, I yearn to see the gospel spread in our generation throughout the entire world!

I’d like to invite you to join us on this trip by way of video. I’ll do my best to post a daily update from our travels so you can come right along with us. 

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Our first stop was the ancient Roman city of Ostia, which provides a unique look into the world that Paul would have known as he traveled toward Rome for his first imprisonment in that city.

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