We’re just days away now from our 31st Anniversary and Spiritual Leadership Conference at Lancaster Baptist Church.

I thought I’d take a quick moment to suggest a few ways that you could more fully benefit from this conference—whether you are with us in person or taking advantage of the live streaming.

For those coming to the conference:

  • Stop by registration early. Beginning at 12:30 on Sunday afternoon, the conference registration will be open in the Revels building. Even if you already registered online, stop by registration to pick up your packet of materials.
  • Choose your sessions ahead. Included in the registration packets will be a schedule of breakout sessions with details on which sessions are available when. (This is also available at slconference.com.) By reviewing the sessions ahead, you’ll have time to think through which session you’d like to attend during each breakout.
  • Email a question for the Q&A Sessions. Included in this year’s conference will be seven Q&A panels. Email qa@lancasterbaptist.org with your ministry-related question to hear it addressed in one of the panels. (You may want to note which session you’d like it addressed in. Click here for a list.)
  • Download the app. The SLC app includes a schedule (including the breakout sessions available), speaker bios and sessions, maps of the campus, and a link to the live stream. This free app is available for iOS and Android.
  • Consider needed resources. Striving Together Publications sets up a physical store during the conference where you can browse resources, including books, curriculum for Sunday school and small groups, and more. If you have thought through ahead what types of resources you or your church needs, you’ll be better equipped to choose from the available resources.
  • Use and follow the #SLC17 hashtag. Throughout the conference, we’ll be using #SLC17 with conference updates across TwitterFacebook, and Instagram. (I’ll provide some updates as well on my Twitter and Facebook accounts.) Follow the hashtag, and join the conversation.

For those unable to come to the conference:

I really believe that every spiritual leader can benefit from a conference like this. But I know that not every spiritual leader is physically able to attend.

Even if you cannot be here in person, there are a few ways you can enjoy and benefit from the conference:

  • Watch the live stream. Several years ago, we began providing live stream for all the services and auditorium sessions of the conference. Simply tune in to lbclive.tv. (A schedule is available at slconference.com/schedule.)
  • Download the app. From the free Spiritual Leadership Conference app (available for iOS and Android), you have direct access to the live stream, so the conference is available to you even if you aren’t in front of a computer.
  • Follow the #SLC17 hashtag. Be part of the conference conversation by following #SLC17 across TwitterFacebook, and Instagram. (I’ll be giving personal updates as well on my Twitter and Facebook accounts.) You’ll enjoy getting real time conference quotes as well as hearing from those who are attending the conference. Join the conversation letting us know where you’re watching or listing from.

Above all, please pray that the Lord would anoint this year’s conference and use it to challenge, encourage, strengthen, and equip every person who is in attendance or watching by live stream.

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