Sometimes when you come to a place in ministry where you have never been before—or a place you cannot seem to grow past—what you would really like to do is sit down with another ministry leader over a cup of coffee and ask questions.

  • Is what our ministry is experiencing a normal stage of growth?
  • How do I navigate around this particular roadblock?
  • What are habits that will help me as a leader?
  • How can I encourage spiritual growth in a new Christian?
  • What resources could help me be more effective?
  • What do you do to reach someone’s heart in a particular situation?
  • How do you counsel someone going through a certain type of trial or struggling in a certain way?

Questions not only prepare our mind for answers (ever noticed how asking the right question helps you recognize an answer when it comes?), but they also are a tool to draw wisdom out of friends and mentors.

This is why at this year’s Spiritual Leadership Conference in June we are creating a breakout session with seven Q&A panels featuring the following areas of ministry:

  • Pastoral Leadership
  • Soulwinning and Discipleship
  • Media and Technology
  • Student Ministries
  • Ladies Ministry
  • Assistant Pastors
  • Music Ministry

Each panel will have a team of four leaders answering pre-submitted questions. To submit your question(s) for a panel, simply send an email to (It would be good also if you note which panel you look for it to be answered in.)

We are very excited about how all of the sessions are coming together for Spiritual Leadership Conference. (You can see a full list here.)

If you have not yet registered for the conference, you can do so at (Also available on the website are video and audio from previous years’ services and sessions.)

We are praying for the conference and asking the Lord to work in the lives of every delegate and to use it in every ministry represented. Please pray with us.

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