Words cannot express how thankful I am that the Lord brought Dr. Don Sisk into my life over twenty-five years ago. 

I will never forget the day I met him at a pastor’s fellowship in Atlanta, Georgia. The meeting turned out to be non-edifying and issue-orientated, and before it was over, I found myself seated on the back row in a session, wondering why I had even come. 

Minutes later, a white-haired man with a big smile sat down next to me and introduced himself as Don Sisk. Learning I was a pastor, he gave me his recent book, Joyful Giving

Dr. Sisk and I look back on that meeting and chuckle. During the meeting, we both (separately) wondered why we had come. Today, both of us realize that God led us there for the very simple reason of meeting each other. 

Over the years, Dr. Sisk has become one of my dearest friends and most-trusted mentors. He loves the Lord, loves God’s people, and loves the lost like no other man I know. 

You can’t be around Dr. Sisk long without catching his passion for the Great Commission and his heart for the needy harvest fields around the world. Not only did he plant two churches in Japan, but God has also used him greatly as the General Director for Baptist International Missions Incorporated to stir churches in America for worldwide evangelism. 

For the past sixteen years, Dr. Sisk has served as the head of our missions department here at West Coast Baptist College. He and his wife Virginia have labored tirelessly to encourage and bless my family, teach and counsel our college students, and serve literally thousands of God’s servants around the world. 

In 2006, Virginia Sisk had a benign tumor surgically removed from her brain. Several years later, her tumor returned and this time was not resolvable by radiation. Virginia underwent a second surgery from which she fully recovered. But in late 2014, the tumor returned, and now doctors are unable to remove it. It has effected her vision and mobility. As a result, Dr. Sisk has had to cancel many of his meetings to help care for his wife. Consequently, he has not been able to receive many of the love offerings churches would have normally given him for preaching.

If you would like to be a blessing financially to the Sisk family during this time you can do so by mailing funds directly to Baptist International Missions, Inc. and designating it to Dr. Don Sisk or by giving online at

Be sure to include Dr. Sisk’s name regarding your donation.

Baptist International Missions, Inc. (BIMI)
Attn: Accounts Receivable
P.O. Box 9
Harrison, TN 37341

Or you can send it to Lancaster Baptist Church:

Lancaster Baptist Church
Attn: Financial Services
4020 E. Lancaster Blvd.
Lancaster, CA 93535

Please continue to pray that God would heal Mrs. Sisk and would give grace and strength to Dr. Sisk as he cares for his wife of more than sixty years. Thank you for honoring God’s choicest servants.

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