If you’re looking for encouraging, yet intensely-practical and thoroughly-biblical, resources to help you move forward for God in this New Year, here are five completely free resources that I believe could be a help to you:

  1. Daily in the Word devotions—Every day, receive a short devotion delivered directly to your inbox. Each day’s email includes a Scripture verse, devotional thought, and a solid takeaway you can immediately apply. (They also include an Old Testament and New Testament reading in the email, so you can read through your Bible in a year through your inbox!) To subscribe, visit (You can also subscribe via RSS.)
  2. Ministry127—Designed as a site with encouraging, equipping, and engaging ideas from local church leaders, contains a vast repository of resources from over one hundred contributors—and it’s all free. Resources on this site include audio and video, sermon outlines, teaching illustrations, service slides, and articles. I’d encourage you to bookmark this site and visit it often. (You can also subscribe for a weekly digest email of new content.)
  3. Spiritual Leadership Podcast—Each monthly episode of this podcast focuses on practical ministry leadership with some epidsodes answering questions and addressing topics submitted by listeners. (Email your question to You can subscribe to this free podcast via iTunes, Stitcher, or YouTube.
  4. Online messages—At, you can view and select messages by series, sermons, or speaker. You can watch messages by video or download an audio file. Additionally, you can access the Lancaster Baptist Church live stream from this page as well.
  5. Spiritual Leadership Conference audio—Did you know that service videos and audio workshops from previous years of Spiritual Leadership Conference are available for free download on the Spiritual Leadership Conference website? (Click on the Media link at the top of the page to select which year’s sessions you’d like.) The 2016 sessions also include a pdf download for the notes used in the session. These can be used in a variety of ways including personal development or staff training.

I pray these are an encouragement and help to you. May God richly bless you as you serve Him in this coming year.

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