One of the burdens of my heart over the years has been to see God’s people rooted in His Word—to, in addition to the preaching and teaching they receive at church, be daily encouraged, challenged, and nurtured through the pages of Scripture.

Over the past several years, I’ve published a daily email devotional, titled “Daily in the Word.” I’ve used different themes over the years, always with a goal to encourage Christians to spend time daily in God’s Word.

I’m excited to announce that beginning today, December 1, these devotions will take readers on a one-year journey through the Gospel of Luke—one passage at a time through this chronological account of the life of Christ.

Today—a full month before most people set new devotional goals—join us on this journey with Jesus, and share with a friend, inviting them to join as well.

What do the devotions include?

Each devotion includes four helpful resources:

  • A devotional truth from Luke—Each devotion begins with a verse from Luke and briefly expands on a devotional thought from that passage.
  • A daily growth principle—This principle provides a solid “takeaway” from the devotion which you can apply to your life.
  • An Old and New Testament passage—These Scriptures, included just below the devotional thought, will guide you through reading the entire Bible in one year. Why wait until January to begin? By using this resource, you can read through the entire Bible over the next 365 days.
  • Share buttons—These buttons make it easy for you to email, tweet, or share on Facebook the helpful truths you encounter through this resource.

How can I receive these devotions?

There are three simple ways you can receive these devotions and Scripture texts:

Why are you beginning a new theme in December rather than waiting until January?

Because the Gospel of Luke begins with the events leading up to Jesus’ birth and we celebrate that in December, this seemed the perfect time to begin our journey with Jesus.

By beginning this devotional series now, you not only have the opportunity to restart your devotional walk with the Lord a month before you might have otherwise, but you also have opportunity to meditate on the rich truths of Christ’s birth at the same time you are celebrating Christmas.

Are you ready to begin? Visit for the first devotion. Do you know a friend who could use some biblical encouragement? Invite them to subscribe as well.

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