One of the annual aspects of Spiritual Leadership Conference that I most anticipate is the large release of new resources from our publications ministry.

We release materials throughout the year, but the Striving Together team works especially hard to have a large batch of new resources from multiple authors ready for the conference.

For a quick overview, here is a list of new releases. Click any title for more information.


The Road Ahead—Written primarily for pastors and leaders of independent Baptist churches, this book takes a close look at imbalances that occur within ministries and leads readers through ten steps to authentic ministry in a biblical context. In this post, I share more of my heart in publishing this book.

Passionate Parenting—This was released last fall, but it’s worth mentioning again. If you long to enjoy the teen years and you’re ready for some tough, but rewarding, work—this book by Cary Schmidt is for you.

The Shadow of the Broad Brim—Any preacher of God’s Word who longs to love his Saviour more passionately, fill his messages more biblically, and balance his life more scripturally, would do well to study the life of Charles Spurgeon. This biography is a reprint of the most thorough work I have ever read on the life of Spurgeon.

Rejoicing in Christ: Philippians Expanded Outlines—Designed as a practical study help to pastors, teachers, and any Christian who desires to study God’s Word, these expanded outlines walk verse by verse through the book of Philippians. I wrote them as I preached through Philippians for our church family. The expanded outlines work well for sermon preparation or personal Bible study.


Sailing with Jesus—Peter’s life was forever changed when Jesus entered his boat. From Peter’s decision to obey Christ and launch out to the lessons he learned from Christ on a stormy sea, this minibook reveals what God can do through our lives when we choose faith as our compass.

Protect Your Purity—Moral purity doesn’t happen by accident—not in today’s world. In this minibook, Dr. Don Sisk shares four keys to guarding your heart and maintaining a pure heart, mind, and body.

Laborers Together—Relationships are vital to the work of God. And the relationship between a pastor and a church member deserves special emphasis. In these pages, Jerry Ferrso points out how this relationship can be one of synergy and unity, faith and friendship.

One Thing—Written specifically with the religious lost person in mind, Evangelist Paul Schwanke guides readers through the common roadblocks to placing their faith in Christ for salvation.

What Does the Bible Say about Speaking in Tongues?—The newest addition to our Contemporary Issues series, this booklet cuts to the chase of the often clouded issues surrounding speaking in tongues. Particularly, it highlights the scriptural priority on love and the biblical mandate of using the Bible as our final authority.


Striving Together—What does biblical teamwork in the local church look like? In these lessons by Tim Christoson students see biblical examples and receive personal instructions on how to strive together with their church family and experience the fruit of biblical unity.

Fruit by the Bushel—Abundant fruit always begins with healthy roots. And healthy roots always produce abundant fruit. Through these lessons, lead students to become more rooted in Christ and more yielded to the Holy Spirit’s work of fruit-bearing in their lives.

Abiding in Christ, 2nd Edition—The Christian life was never meant to be lived in your own strength. It was designed to be the outflow of a continual abiding relationship with Jesus. This curriculum, an updated edition of our first curriculum, walks through John 15 teaching students what it means to abide in Christ.

Sacrifice of Our Saviour, Children’s Curriculum—In these lessons, student ages 3–12 are invited to follow Christ on His path to Calvary, witness His Resurrection, and join the disciples for His post-Resurrection appearances. Completing the first year of our Striving Together children’s curriculum, each lesson in this series powerfully conveys the heart of Christ for children.

Student Planner

Christ in You—Designed for Christian teens, this 2013–2014 student planner features week at a glance and month at a glance pages. Each page is colorfully designed with Bible verses and inspiring photos and quotes. The perfect gift to teens from the youth ministry, this planner will encourage students to redeem their time and will equip them to live a planned life for Christ.

If you are attending Spiritual Leadership Conference, be sure to stop by the Striving Together Store on the first floor of the Revels building!

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