If there was ever a time that Christians and local churches needed to strive together for the faith of the gospel (Philippians 1:27), it’s now! This is not the time for independent Baptists to divide and splinter; it is the time to reach out and turn the world upside down once again.

This is where Romans 14 comes into play. In this chapter, God guides us through the troubling issues of nonconformity within our ranks. It gives us a biblical perspective of understanding those who interpret Scriptural standards a bit differently than we do. Most importantly, it provides us with seven principles on how to have unity with our brother where there are differences in certain practices.

The infographic below lists these principles.

Principles of Grace Givers

We live in a real world where good, godly people have differences in applying biblical principles. Whether in the local church or among local churches, the principles of Romans 14 are vital if we are to stand in unity and strive together for the gospel.

[The principles above are taken from Chapter 7 of my book The Road Ahead: 10 steps to authentic ministry for independent Baptists. For chapter titles and a free sample of the book, visit Striving Together Publications.]

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