The most moving sites from our family’s trip to Israel a few years ago were those relating to the last days of Jesus’ earthly ministry, His crucifixion, and His resurrection.

In these days leading to this year’s Resurrection Sunday, I’m posting a different kind of series—a picture from this trip, especially from the Jerusalem area, with a few thoughts relating to that scene. Most of the pictures will not fall on the day of the week in which the correlating event occurred, but I trust they will turn your thoughts toward Christ in this week leading to the Resurrection.

Christ’s Burial: Matthew 27:57–66, Mark 15:42–47, Luke 23:50–56, John 19:38–42

There aren’t many people who can borrow a grave—you usually expect to need it for quite a while. But Jesus did just that—He lay in a borrowed tomb.

In first-century Palestine, people often purchased burial sites well before their death and had their tombs custom-made with the specific measurements for their body.

But Jesus had no need to purchase a tomb, for He wasn’t planning to stay in the grave for very long!

The picture above is of the tomb believed to have been where Christ was laid. You can see the additional portion chiseled out of the stone, meaning someone was laid in this tomb who was taller than the person for whom the original tomb was crafted.

I’m thankful that I serve a God who is powerful enough to predict His own death and resurrection…and to borrow a tomb!

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