Do you think of yourself as a leader? Whether you are a parent, grandparent, pastor, coach, teacher, student, or friend, you exert influence on those around you. Leadership is not a position on a flowchart; leadership is influence.

One of the greatest threats to our usefulness for God is the lie that our lives don’t make a difference, that what we do has no eternal significance, that there is no reason to extend ourselves to invest in others.

But one person can make a difference! A couple of years ago, the Lord led me to write a small book entitled Leaders Who Make a Difference that examines the lives of three leaders in the pages of Scripture—Joshua, Nehemiah, and Joseph. Through their testimonies, we see how God used nine specific traits in their lives to make an incredible difference for Him.

For a limited time, Striving Together Publications has made Leaders Who Make a Difference free for both Kindle and iBooks. I’m excited this resource is available for free, and I hope it will be a blessing to you. Feel free to download a copy and share the offer with your friends. I pray this book encourages you to use your influence in the lives of others. God can use you to make a difference!

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