For a nation that has adopted a mantra of tolerance, someone seems to have missed the memo. In the 9/11 commemorative services at Washington National Cathedral, representatives from several religions will be leading—including a Buddhist nun, an Imam, a rabbi, and a Hindu priest—but no Protestant or evangelical Christian. President Obama will be attending and delivering his remarks on Sunday evening. (Click here to read the article from Fox news.)

This is yet another reminder that our culture is becoming less tolerant of Christianity. Instead of “one nation under God,” we have become a nation under “the gods”—something like ancient Rome.

Although a large percentage of our country still identifies themselves as evangelical Christians, this program designed to promote diversity fails to even acknowledge evangelicals.

Our nation was founded on biblical principles, and our government was carefully crafted to give liberty of religion to all. But many today are using that liberty to silence biblical Christianity.

May we as Christians pray that God would send a revival to our nation in which hearts would turn toward Him in repentance and sincere faith. And may we be faithful to preach the Gospel of Christ regardless of political trends. As the intolerance toward Christianity and the Bible rise, may we seek God’s power to witness for Him as never before!

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