One week from tomorrow we celebrate our 25th anniversary at Lancaster Baptist Church. And our campus is filled with busy people!

Over the past several weeks, much work has been done in preparation for this special day and the Spiritual Leadership Conference beginning the day after. I’m thankful for a church family who gives so freely of their time to help with construction, renovation, and preparation. (And all of this work is on top of many extra hours of soulwinning and visits to invite our community to the anniversary services.)

One of the very exciting projects to me is the beautiful new monument sign going up on the corner of 40th East and Avenue J (pictured above). I’m humbled by the work God is doing here, and I want this sign—and every building on our campus—to stand as a monument in our valley to the grace of God. I pray that for many years to come, people will see our church and know that God is at work here!

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