God is responsible for adding to and growing the church, but He does it through His people. How can a church be sure it has the right pillars in place to support the growth that God wants to bring? This newly posted Spiritual Leadership podcast is both practical and thought-provoking.


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We don’t bring the growth, but we can be structured for it! In this lesson, I share some specific helps on structuring a program for a church that is biblical, Christ-honoring, and growth-supporting.

This is probably one of the most practical leadership lessons we’ve posted in terms of sharing specific principles and ideas that the Lord has blessed here at Lancaster Baptist Church. I pray it is a help to you and to your church.

Before and after this lesson, I answer the following in-studio questions:

  • Where do you find the balance between simply letting God grow the church versus focusing on helping it to grow as a leader?
  • How did the process of developing a program come to be at Lancaster Baptist Church?
  • What are the most important reports you get each week that help you discern the state of the church?
  • What are some ways you recognize workers in the ministry?
  • What is your advice to a pastor whose church is in a season where it is not growing right now?

The Spiritual Leadership podcast is a free resource from Striving Together Publications (a ministry of Lancaster Baptist Church and West Coast Baptist College).

You can subscribe to this podcast through iTunes and listen on your computer or iPod. You can also receive the complimentary outline with each lesson. Click here for more information about subscribing to the outline.

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