Christmas is one of the easiest times to invite people to church! But in the busyness of the Christmas parties, programs, and preparation, it’s all too easy to lose this golden opportunity to lead others to Christ.

As you help your children with their church Christmas programs, encourage them to invite unsaved friends, relatives, and neighbors to attend so they can hear the Gospel.

As you spend time with family and friends, be looking for opportunities to tell them of Christ and the difference He has made in your life.

As you plan your December calendar, be sure to include times of soulwinning. Our church has a Christmas musical each year, and our church family works diligently to knock on thousands of doors, inviting the community to come. I already have a few guests planning to come this weekend, and I’m still praying for more!

Christmas is about Christ, and for Him, coming to Bethlehem’s manger was about the gift of salvation. How can you take this gift to others this month?

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