The Ministry of a Baptist Deacon book

For years I’ve wanted to write a book for deacons. The deacons who serve our church have been a help to me—and to our entire church family—beyond what words can describe. Their ministry is vital, and its intricacies are definitely worthy of a book.

The Ministry of a Baptist Deacon is that book—just back from press. It is the compilation of years of lessons given at deacons orientations and meetings. It is designed to be a handbook for local church deacons, equipping them as servant leaders in the church.

Chapter titles include:

  • The Operation of the Church
  • The Office of a Deacon
  • The Qualifications of a Deacon
  • The Effective Servant Leader
  • The Duties of a Deacon
  • The Relationships of Deacons
  • The Deacon’s Wife
  • Biblically Handling Criticism
  • Altar Counseling
  • Understanding and Explaining Baptism
  • Church Discipline
  • Ministering the Lord’s Table

This book is also rich in appendices! As a young pastor, I had little idea of how to set in place policies that would direct our decisions. Through the years, our church has developed procedures, guidelines, and forms that have aided in the ministry, enabling us to serve with wise forethought and consistency. The appendices in this book are a compilation of some of these practices that have been helpful to us. Appendices include:

  • The Nomination of Deacons
  • Annual Deacons Events
  • Lord’s Table Preparation and Procedures
  • Committee Descriptions
  • Financial Policies and Offering Count Procedures
  • Guidelines for Helping the Needy
  • Sample Forms
  • Sample Church Constitution

I pray this book is a helpful resource for both pastors and deacons. Click here for more information or to order a copy.

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