Prospect ListFor many years I have maintained an active soulwinning prospect list. On this list I collect names and addresses of people I have met or visited who have shown an interest in visiting church or in hearing the Gospel. I strive to call, visit, or write every person on my prospect list at least once a week. Scores of the people in our church today were once on my or another soulwinner’s prospect list. I’ve seen the Lord bless this diligence over and over again.

We recently gave our people at Lancaster Baptist a tool to help them organize their prospect lists. It is a form that allows the soulwinner to easily store and update important information for each prospect.

I believe this little tool could be a help to others as well, so we’ve added it to our free resources section of Striving Together. You can download it here. I trust it will help you as you lead others to Christ.

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