Last week I had the privilege of meeting with a twenty-six year old man in our church who is a graduate of a liberal arts college in the Midwest and has recently been working for an accounting firm here on the West Coast.

As we sat in my office, he shared his salvation testimony with me and also shared that God is beginning to burden him to teach the Word of God and possibly to consider a life of ministry. I told him that, along with the help of another staff member, I would like to begin a time of mentoring and development in his spiritual life. Here are the steps we outlined for his mentoring process this year:

1. Daily prayer for one another.
During this time, we will pray that God will keep his life pure, and that God will show him His perfect will regarding his future, including marriage, further education, and ministry opportunity.

2. Common study.
I assigned him several books to read and outline. He will share the outlines with me upon finishing each of the books. The books deal with subjects ranging from spiritual leadership and fundamentalism to contemporary theology.

3. Reading and memorization of Scripture.
I have challenged him with several portions of Scripture on which he is to meditate in the coming months.

4. Accountability.
He is to stay in touch with me (and one of our assistant pastors) via email and periodic appointments.

5. Evaluation.
We established our first evaluation meeting for two months from now. At that time, we will evaluate his growth, involvement in ministry, and his spiritual passion.

6. Greater Responsibility.
After each time of evaluation, we will give him greater responsibility. For example, he may become a substitute teacher and eventually teach children or youth, and some day, perhaps begin to preach.

7. Additional Reading.
Somewhere at the six to eight month mark, there is another set of books dealing with systematic theology that I plan on giving him.

8. End of Year Evaluation.
Toward the end of his first year, we will have a time of evaluation. This will more than likely be the time we will determine the type of ministry for which God is preparing him. He will either be a highly involved lay leader or possibly will begin preparing  for a life of full-time ministry.

9. Prayer.
This step will involve two to three months of prayer to truly seek the face of God concerning his life of service for the Lord Jesus Christ.

10. Usefulness.
This final step will involve greater usefulness. This is the time when he begins  a lifelong journey of serving the Lord in whatever capacity has been revealed to him.

Second Timothy 2:2 says, “And the things that thou hast heard of me among many witnesses, the same commit thou to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also.” The great joy of my heart and life is to see young leaders like this step forward and surrender their lives to Jesus Christ.

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