basketballteamI had the opportunity to meet up with our college basketball team this past Friday as they traveled on a two-game road trip.  My son, Matthew, is enjoying his second season of basketball with the West Coast Eagles, so I have tried to be at the games to cheer him and his teammates on. It has been a joy to watch him and his fellow players mature both on and off the court this season.

After our team had secured a victory, we gathered together at the local restaurant for a time of fellowship.  I was greatly encouraged by the godly testimony and spirit of each of our players and am thankful for this time I spent with them.

More than being impressed with their abilities on the court, I am proud of the obvious desire these young men have to serve the Lord. While they enjoy playing basketball, their primary focus is preparing to train for the ministry. In fact, when these men graduate, they will join the ranks of many other former players who are now serving the Lord around the world.

I am thankful for the privilege to help train these leaders for God’s work. Please pray for them as they finish their season and this semester for God’s glory!

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