wall streetIt seems that one story is at the forefront of every news report—the economic bailout bill. After companies like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac went bankrupt, the economy began to falter. In order to stabilize it, the President and many Congressmen and women want to pass a bailout bill that would give $700 billion to help these companies, Wall Street, and the economy recover.

Whether you believe the bailout bill should be passed or not, one thing is for sure: our country is facing tough times financially. From property values decreasing, gas prices rising, and companies bankrupting, it seems as if there’s no hope of recovery. But through the years, history has shown that during tough times, people often turn to Christ.

More than we need $700 billion dollars to bailout the economy, we need Americans to turn back to Christ. The only true “bailout” of the mess sin has created in our nation will be when people realize their sins and return to God.

Even in times like these, God is always faithful. Whether the economy has a good day or bad day, we can be sure our heavenly treasure is secure when we spend our lives serving Christ.

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