These past several days have been busy days getting ready for the school and college new year here on the campus. One of the main emphasis over the last several days has been the subject of “orientation”. We have conducted school staff orientation, college staff orientation, all staff orientation, high school student orientation, and of course parent/teacher orientation.

The significant aspect of each of these times has been that God’s Word has been opened at every meeting. The Bible says, “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.” None of us have a real orientation for life until we have an awe and reverence for the Lord. Our greatest goal in this new academic season is to cultivate a heart for God within the life of each student.

All around us we see people on a daily basis who have lost their way. They have the wrong orientation regarding morals, ethics, and values. Even many Christians have lost their way and the orientation that comes from a proper heart-felt reverence for God.

Maybe you’re not heading to school this week, but let me encourage you to take a moment to ask the Lord to refresh and orientate your heart to His purpose. Please pray for the Lancaster Baptist School and West Coast Baptist College students as we endeavor to cultivate their hearts for the Lord Jesus Christ!

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