danielle's weddingTerrie and I thank the Lord for each of our four children. Last weekend was Danielle’s special time, as she was united in marriage to Mr. Peter Mordh from Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Peter is a senior here at West Coast Baptist College and has surrendered his life to full-time ministry.

While our hearts are filled with joy for Danielle and Peter’s love for one another, the night was filled with emotion for Terrie and me as we gave our daughter away in marriage. Their testimonies truly have exalted Christ and we are thankful that they went to the altar in a Christ-honoring way, and that their lives will be dedicated in marriage to the Saviour.

While the auditorium and wedding ceremony were beautiful sights, I have always felt the beauty of a marriage depends on the lives of the two who are becoming one. I thank God for a daughter who has walked with Christ since her salvation at an early age, and that God brought a godly and pure young man into her life.

Our son, Larry, will wed in a few months and Terrie and I are prayerfully and joyfully anticipating this time, as well.

Truly, life has a variety of seasons and we are thankful, at times like these, for the grace of our Saviour in helping us raise children who will honor Him!

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