Your Pastor and You

Your Pastor and You

Understanding the Relationship between a Christian and His Pastor

by Paul Chappell and Cary Schmidt

God has given you a gift! A pastor – a loving under-shepherd to encourage, edify, and equip your life for spiritual growth and fruitfulness. Yet, many pastors are quitting – some from failure or discouragement, and others from the relentless pursuit of antagonistic church members.

Many Christians do not have a biblical understanding of a loving, strong pastoral relationship. There is no doubt that the Devil fights this relationship! After all, this is the man who will teach and preach the Word of God to your family. This is one of the few who will weep with you when you hurt, encourage you when you fail, seek you when you wander, and pray for you throughout your Christian journey.

Wise Christians find and establish strong relationships with godly pastors and then they fight for those relationships. They encourage their pastors, accept his spiritual watch care in their lives, and support him in his call to serve God.In these pages, you will understand the blessings in store and the challenges ahead in your relationship with your pastor!

(48 pages, mini paperback)

ISBN: 978-0-9726506-5-6


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