The Saviour-Sensitive Church

The Saviour-Sensitive Church

Understanding and Avoiding Post-Modernism and the Seeker-Sensitive Movement

by Paul Chappell and John Goetsch

“Seeker-sensitivity” sounds noble, but its roots are corrupt, and in today’s church it is coming at the expense of TRUTH.

Too many pastors and Christians are being duped into the theological and practical compromise of post-modernism. This compromise is resulting in a “have it your way” version of truth—“designer truth.” Many churches are forsaking the final authority of God’s Word for the evolving whims of post-modern thought and a culture of “tolerance.”

In these pages, Dr. Paul Chappell and Dr. John Goetsch sound a clear warning to pastors and Christian workers everywhere. As you read, you will not only clearly see that many churches today are “in love with the world”—you will also understand the thinking that is taking them there.

Most importantly, you will be challenged to stand strong upon the unchanging truth of God’s Word and to grow in a church family that holds the Truth against the trends of culture.

(112 pages, mini hardback)

ISBN: 978-1-59894-023-7


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