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Keep the Faith
Standing for biblical truth, discerning ministry trends, reaching forward with the gospel

by Paul Chappell

Learning from the past, 
discerning the present, 
reaching forward to the future… 

When the apostle Paul finished his course, he left two significant spiritual accomplishments. First, he kept the faith. And second, he had trained others to do the same. Through Paul’s mentoring and training ministry, Timothy, Titus, and even their spiritual descendants for centuries to come were faithful to Christ and held fast to His truth. 

In fact, we have the truth today because others have kept the faith, holding God’s Word and its doctrines above personal preferences, petty divisions, and worldly philosophies. 

The question then comes: Are we keeping the faith? Furthermore, are we training spiritual disciples who will stand fast for Christ no matter which direction the winds of culture blow? 

In these thorough, well-researched pages, Paul Chappell takes readers on a journey through the history of those who have courageously stood for truth as he explores what impact the doctrine of separation made in the shaping of our spiritual heritage. He then explores several current ministry trends and terms, holding each up to Scripture to discern their strengths and weaknesses. Throughout each chapter, you will find an emphasis on Scripture as our final authority, Christ as our target, and reaching others with the gospel as our calling. 

Read and be challenged to tenaciously stand for truth, wisely discern current ministry trends, and faithfully build for the future.

 (280 pages, hardback)

 ISBN: 9781598944235


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