I'm Not OK

I’m Not OK

Defeating the Root of Pride and Discovering the Grace of God

by Paul Chappell

We all prefer to think that the difficulties we experience are a result of our jobs, spouses, parents, or just a “thing” we’re going through in life. And so, we want help to fix the people around us, the circumstances which have befallen us, or the problems assaulting us. But fix us? No, we’re okay.

But what if our self-diagnosis is wrong? What if we’re not okay?

Pride causes us to exaggerate our ability and underestimate Satan’s. It undermines relationships and makes us vulnerable to temptation.

In these pages, explore what God’s Word teaches about pride and discover how you can find freedom and peace by receiving the grace of God to deal with the pride that besets us all.

(72 pages, mini paperback)

ISBN: 978-1-59894-263-7


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