As we enter Spiritual Leadership Conference, our overwhelming prayer and heart’s cry is for God’s reviving work in every one of our hearts and, by extension, in every church represented at the conference.

Last week, I posted a schedule for the conference live stream, which is available at and will include all of the events taking place in our main auditorium.

Today I wanted to take a moment to highlight three specific parts of the conference that I hope you will pray for and, if you can’t be here with us, join us for on the live stream:

Evening Services

Monday evening I’ll be preaching from Psalm 85:6 on the conference theme, “Revive.” I’m afraid that sometimes we attend conferences and special events simply to learn new methods or “ministry hacks,” while failing to hunger for God Himself and His power through us. Please pray with me that God will use this evening’s message in each of our hearts and lives.

Tuesday and Wednesday evenings we’ll have two preachers each night. (We are beginning our services earlier this year, 6:30 p.m., to accommodate for more preaching.) Tuesday evening Pastor Tyler Gillett and Dr. R. B. Ouellette will both be preaching. And Wednesday evening Dr. Tom Farrell and Pastor Dave Delaney will be preaching.

I look forward to the evening services of Spiritual Leadership Conference each year. From the opening song, to the final amen, the Lord has used these times of focus on Him and preaching from His Word in a powerful way in my life every year.

Modern Trends and Biblical Truths sessions

At 8:30 (PDT) on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings, I’ll be teaching a two-part session on some of the contemporary ministry trends we’re seeing today and comparing how they line up to Scripture. (Spoiler alert: Yes, some of the trends are unbiblical. But some are positive, and some are partially-positive.)

I lost track of how many hours I have put into studying for these two sessions, but it is in excess of one hundred. I’ve gone over my outline again and again in preparation, and I’m praying for God to use this material to help, strengthen, and encourage local church leaders.

After each morning’s session, we’re planing a discussion panel with several of the conference speakers, going over the material we covered that morning and hashing out how it might be applied in a variety of settings.

AB2943 Workshop and Panel

One of the most significant threats to both religious liberty and freedom of speech right now is California Assembly Bill 2943. As I previously wrote in a blog post about this bill, even if you don’t live in California, this bill is a threat to Christians everywhere.

For this reason, we’ve carved out time during this year’s conference for a discussion panel with legal counsel regarding this bill. I’ll be hosting this panel with the following men:

  • Attorney Matt Sharp, from the Alliance Defending Freedom
  • Attorney David Gibbs Jr., from the Christian Law Association
  • Lancaster Mayor Rex Parris, from R. Rex Parris Law Firm
  • Dr. Chuck Harding, from Capitol Connection
  • Pastor John Evertson, from Capitol Connection California
  • Todd Starnes, from Fox News

This session will be hosted Tuesday afternoon at 2:30pm (PDT) and will be live streamed at

Thank you for striving together with us in prayer for this conference. May God use it to revive His people!

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