One of the aspects of Spiritual Leadership Conference that I look forward to each year is making new resources from Striving Together Publications available at the conference.

Each year, we set up a physical store just for this conference to give delegates the chance to browse resources and select what would be helpful for their ministries.

Below is a list of new Striving Together resources. Some are new just this month, and some are new since the last Spiritual Leadership Conference. Click on the titles of any for more information or to order:

  • Luke: Journey with Jesus—The newest volume to the Striving Together Study Library, this book is a verse-by-verse journey through the book of Luke. Nearly six hundred pages long, it is the fruit of thousands of hours in preparation and the result of study for a two-year sermon series covering the life of Christ.
  • Revival Today—A one-year, on-this-day devotional by John Goetsch and Nathan Birt, this book features revivals of the past to encourage us to ask the Lord for revival today. Each devotion includes Scripture and a practical application for living a revived life through the power of the Holy Spirit.
  • Time Out for Parents—The ninety devotions in this book are written to encourage parents to seek God’s wisdom as they raise their children for Him. Each devotion includes a Scripture passage and provides an encouraging or admonishing truth regarding the responsibility of parenting. At the close of each devotion is a single actionable thought given as “Today’s Parenting Principle.”
  • Family Time with Jesus—This is a packet of devotional resources that I originally put together for our church family. In addition to a family hymnbook and CD with children’s songs, it includes a set of fifty-two flashcards that teach biblical terms and concepts.
  • Are We There Yet? Released last fall, it has been a blessing to Terrie and I to hear how the Lord has been using this book, companion guide, and curriculum to help and strengthen marriages!
  • Rightly Divided—As it’s subtitle suggests, this small book by Mike Lester provides a beginner’s guide to Bible study. But don’t think that it is only for new Christians. It is for anyone who wants to understand basic principles for “rightly dividing the word of truth” (2 Timothy 2:15).
  • Overtime—In these pages, Dr. Don Sisk transparently shares the past five years of his life, including caring for his wife Virginia through her brain tumor and Homegoing. This book will encourage any reader to live fully for Christ, and it provides experiential instruction for caregiving and joyful service in your “overtime” years.
  • Jesus or Buddha? This booklet by Mike Lester is written to present the gospel to a Buddhist. It contrasts the lives and messages of Jesus and Buddha and concludes with a compelling invitation to trust Christ.
  • Revive—This booklet lists six characteristics of a revived life. Written specifically for the Revive theme of this year’s Spiritual Leadership Conference, I pray the Lord uses it to stir a hunger for revival in hearts.
  • When You Can’t Just Get Over It curriculum—Based on his book by the same title, each of these ten lessons by R. B. Ouellette provide biblical insights from Bible characters who faced the same struggles and hurdles we face. These lessons help students not “just get over it,” but discover victory through it!
  • Portraits of Grace curriculum—God’s grace is a dynamic change agent that works in our lives to transform us to the image of Christ. Each of the ten lessons in this series feature what God’s grace looked like in the individual lives of various Bible characters in their most challenging moments and extreme difficulties. But more than seeing how God worked in miraculous ways in their circumstances, we see how He changed the lives of the people themselves who experienced His grace.

Please pray with us that the Lord will use these resources to encourage Christians and help local churches.

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