We started West Coast Baptist College in the fall of 1995 with a passion to train the next generation of spiritual leaders for ministry in the local Baptist church. It has been amazing to see what God has done. Twenty-two years later, God has allowed us to see thousands of young adults train and enter the ministry. WCBC alumni are serving Christ as pastors, missionaries, evangelists, assistant pastors, and Christian educators all around the world.

More than ten years ago we began offering online education through our online Master’s degree program. Hundreds of Christian workers have taken advantage of this program to further their Bible education. Nearly every day we hear from online students and graduates about how God has used this Master’s program in their lives to equip them more thoroughly for the work of Christ.

Specifically, our online Master’s has been helpful for those who who desire a deeper understanding of the Bible, but ministry responsibilities or other life circumstances prevent them from physcially moving to Bible college.

We are excited to announce that today we are ready to take another step forward in offering Bible college education online. Beginning this fall, you can earn a bachelor’s degree in biblical studies online from West Coast Baptist College. While the degree concentrations for pastoral, evangelism, and missions require on-campus mentoring and instruction, we are delighted to offer this degree in biblical studies and pray that it will help train and equip Christians to have a greater understanding of the Word of God.

Our mission has always been and will always be training laborers for His harvest. We still believe that the on-campus, ministry-immersion experience of West Coast Baptist College under the authority of a local Baptist church is the primary and ideal method for training for ministry, especially for 18–21 year olds who generally are able to relocate for college and who are greatly helped by the mentoring and modeling aspects of an on campus experience.

But we also realize that there are some who simply cannot move and attend a college in person. Perhaps some are already serving in ministry or have family and career responsibilities but also have a desire for a deeper more systematic understanding of the Bible and its doctrines. That is why we have created WCBC online.

We’re excited about this new program and praying God will use it to help equip His servants. If you have questions about the new online bachelor’s program, take a look at our website or call our college office at 888.694.9222.

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