As we approach Resurrection Sunday, our church is praying and working to impact our community with the largest gospel outreach in our history. Many of our friends around the country are similarly using Easter Sunday as an opportunity to magnify the message of the gospel.

Over the years, we have developed printed resources for soulwinning, outreach, and discipleship to use here at Lancaster Baptist Church. As the Lord has blessed these in our efforts, we’ve made them available to other churches through Striving Together Publications.

As we all approach a season with extra emphasis on outreach—personal soulwinning as well as training new soulwinners—and then, prayerfully, with new Christians needing to be discipled, I thought this would be a helpful time to share these resources:

  1. Tracts, outreach cards, and print materialsFrom 3.5˝ x 5.5˝ outreach cards to folded tracts, choose from a wide selection of printed tools to clearly communicate the gospel. Available in English and Spanish, preprinted or personalized, these resources are beautiful, affordable, and effective.
  2. Paid in Full—Written directly to an unsaved person, this small book explains salvation simply and engages with the reader conversationally. It is a great tool for soulwinning and makes a wonderful gift for unsaved family and friends, follow-up visits, and first-time guests to church. (A similar resource is the minibook Done.)
  3. Salvation cards—The size of a credit card, these high-quality, plastic cards feature a brief recap of the gospel along with Scripture references used to share the gospel. With a line for someone to write their name and the date they were saved, these are helpful to leave with someone who just trusted Christ as a record of their decision and a reminder of the truth of salvation.
  4. Baptism brochure—This full-color brochure carefully communicates the scriptural importance of baptism to a new convert. It is a perfect tool to use in a follow-up visit and answers the following questions: What is baptism? Is baptism for me? Why should I be baptized? How should I be baptized? When should I be baptized? What if I’m not baptized? What can I expect?
  5. First Steps for New Christians—This small paperback is designed to help someone who recently trusted Christ to begin learning the basics of the Christian faith and lifestyle. Perfect to use in altar packets or follow-up visits with new Christians, this is a powerful “pre-discipleship” tool that will help to quickly encourage a new convert on the path of growth and spiritual stability.
  6. Continue discipleship book—Featuring fourteen lessons that cover key Bible doctrines with personal applications, Continue is perfect for helping a new Christian become grounded in God’s Word. Each lesson includes a straightforward outline with thorough support Scriptures and is written so anyone can easily teach it. Additionally, each week includes daily devotions to encourage the new Christian to develop the habit of getting into God’s Word.
  7. The Prayer and Prospect Book—This pocket-sized book provides a convenient way to record contact information for gospel prospects and to track your continued contact efforts.
  8. Out of Commission—Written for every Christian who desires to obey the Great Commission of Christ, this comprehensive volume is motivational and practical, diagnostic and corrective. Whether you are new to evangelism or an experienced soulwinner, Out of Commission will challenge and equip you to share your faith and more effectively reach your community for Christ.
  9. Take It Personally—In this practical manual, learn how to share the gospel, how to follow up on new Christians, how to cultivate relationships with people not yet saved, and how to involve young Christians in growth and gospel witness.
  10. Take It Personally workbook—A companion to the Take It Personally book, this work book is designed as outlines for teaching the material of the book in a class or group study.

I trust one or more of these resources can be a help to you as you labor to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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