When Jesus called His disciples, it wasn’t a Sundays-only proposition. He had something more in mind—something 24/7.

Likewise, when the disciples responded to His call, they “left all, rose up, and followed Him” (Luke 5:28).

In a day when Christians feel good about themselves if they go to church on Sunday and pastors are tempted to measure their success by how Sunday’s services went, it’s good to be reminded that Christ’s call “Follow Me,” is a call for every day of the week.

Think of it this way: How does your life look different on Thursday morning because you are following Jesus?

Is it in your attitude?

Your purpose?

Your relationships?

Your focus?

Your desires?

Discipleship—following Christ—should radically transform our daily living.

That’s one reason I’m exited about the new devotional book, Disciple. Each of these 365 devotional readings will take you on a journey through the gospel of Luke and the chronological account of the life of Christ.

Each devotion begins with a verse or passage from Luke, and it concludes with a solid takeaway principle, which you can immediately apply to your life.

The emphasis of these devotions is encouraging you to follow Jesus more closely and to express that as you walk with Him in practical ways throughout each day.

You might wonder why I’m posting about a new devotional book in November. After all, doesn’t everyone begin or make changes to their devotional life on January 1? Because the Gospel of Luke begins with the events leading up to the birth of Christ, Luke chapters 1–2 are actually covered in the December devotions of this book. This means that if you purchase it now, you can use this, not only as a resource for 2017, but also as a way to prepare your heart for Christmas.

With the release of Disciple, Striving Together Publications is offering two bonuses for those who purchase November 9–11:

  • Free ebook—With each purchase, you will receive a free copy of Disciple as an ebook (for Kindle, iBooks, or Nook). You could even keep the ebook and give the hardback as a Christmas gift.
  • Gift pricing—When you purchase five or more copies, you will receive each copy for just $10 each.

Again, these bonuses are only available for three days, November 9–11, 2016. For more info, or to order, visit

I pray that Disciple will be an encouragement to you and will challenge you in your walk with the Lord on a daily basis over the coming year.

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