Chandler walking

Four days ago, I posted to ask prayer for our three-year-old grandson, Chandler, who even at that time had already been in the hospital for several days. Chandler has been fighting severe, necrotizing pneumonia and has been one very sick little boy. Last week, he had surgery on his lung, followed by continued fever, inability to breathe without oxygen and a breathing tube, and all around rough days.

We’re so thankful to report now that Chandler’s last few days have been his best. He is breathing without assistance, his appetite is back, and he has been walking around the pediatric unit.

The severity of Chandler’s pneumonia will mean that he will be on an antibiotic for many weeks still. Yet we’re so grateful for progress—and even hoping that he will come home today or tomorrow (Tuesday or Wednesday).

The surgery and pediatric teams along with the nursing staff here at Kaiser Sunset have been incredible. It has been a privilege to share truth about Christ with many and share fellowship with fellow believers as well.

Our daughter and son-in-law, Danielle and Peter, are amazing parents. They have been with and cared for Chandler 24/7 for these past ten days. Their dedicated labor of love has blessed Terrie and me deeply.

On behalf of our family, I want to say that we are so grateful for the visits and well wishes and prayers from around the world. Thank you so much.

Please do continue to pray for Chandler and for his full recovery. Our specific prayer requests now are for him to hold down the oral medicines, gain weight, and to not spike fevers. (I’ll continue to post updates to Twitter and Facebook as there is progress.) Thank you again.


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