Over the past thirty years of ministry here in Lancaster, we have attempted to reach our community for Christ in many ways—including billboards, television ads, promoted Facebook posts, radio programs, community newsletters, gospel-centered acts of community service, and more. And we’ve seen fruit through these methods.

But of the hundreds of people saved and baptized in our church over the past twelve months (or any twelve month period), the single greatest tool for reaching them for Christ has been simple—a personal witness.

Whether it be through door-to-door soulwinning, a coworker, or a follow-up visit, fruit comes when people personally take the gospel to the lost.

I love the testimonies in this video because they underscore the value of personally sharing the gospel.

(If you can’t see this video in your email or RSS reader, you can watch it here.)

Think again of those three stories, and ask yourself what if?

  1. What if you were willing to break your comfort zone to share the gospel? The Mora family was saved because an usher at church was attentive to the spiritual need of a guest—and was willing to place himself in a potentially awkward situation of rejection to specifically invite someone to be saved.
  2. What if you didn’t give up? Jackie (and seventeen others!) were reached because of soulwinners who continued to leave tracts on her door. She came to church after several tracts, and was reached for Christ through a follow up visit.
  3. What if you saturated your community with the gospel? What if your church family was so engaged in sharing the gospel that a couple like Roy and Adriana would separately receive gospel invitations in the same week through two different methods of outreach (a soul-conscious coworker and a dedicated soulwinner)?

In Take It Personally: A Practical Guide to Owning and Obeying the Great Commission, you will be encouraged to do all of that. But what’s more—you’ll be taught how.

This book is a practical how-to manual for soulwinning and follow up. It teaches how to share the gospel, follow up on new Christians, cultivate relationships with people not yet saved, and involve young Christians in growth and gospel witness.

Also available is a student workbook to teach the content of this book in a class setting. The workbooks provide outlines with support Scriptures, making it easy to follow the class.

Take It Personally is being released this week through Striving Together Publications. Those who purchase this week, receive a bonus starter kit for the 4Outreach program we will be presenting at Spiritual Leadership Conference June 12–15.

I hope you’ll take advantage of this book and that it will encourage you to be faithful and purposeful in your witness, bearing fruit such as the testimonies above.

Also, if you are not already planning to attend Spiritual Leadership Conference, I’d invite you to join us! We’ll have multiple sessions on soulwinning, outreach, and discipleship that I believe will encourage every pastor, staff member, and lay leader who attends to continue in the gospel.

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