Ricky Lowe is a 2013 graduate of West Coast Baptist College. He and his wife Caitlin Lowe came from North Carolina with their five children to attend WCBC. Ricky’s testimony as a student was exemplarily, and it has been a joy to me to see God using and blessing him in ministry.


In what church and in what capacity do you currently serve?
I am the senior pastor of Mountain Highway Baptist Church in Spanaway, Washington.

What is a way in which you have seen God’s blessing in the past year?
Wow, many different ways, but discipleship would be at the top of the list. It’s been exciting to see individuals and couples making commitments toward a stronger relationship with Jesus. And then, seeing disciples making other disciples is an incredible joy!

What do you remember most about your time at WCBC?
The people. The WCBC staff and faculty is filled with sincere Christian servants willing to invest in others. We came as married students, and we were able to build solid relationships with staff and members of Lancaster Baptist Church, which we have maintained long after graduation.

What has been the most impactful truth or lesson you learned at LBC/WCBC that has helped you as a pastor?
Faith. When my faith was weak, God placed people from LBC/WCBC in my life to help increase my faith in what He can do. As I look back at our years there, I see marked increases of faith, and God has used that to challenge and increase my faith even now.

WCBC faculty has an open-door policy of being available for students. In what ways have you found the door still open as an alumnus?
Continued communication. Since stepping into the role of pastor, I have had questions about church polity, practical ministry, etc. The college faculty has remained accessible—and in particular, Pastor Chappell.

I recently called you with a ministry question, and your answer was definitive, pointed, and practical. I don’t take the time you’re willing to give for granted, and I’ve found your counsel and experience very beneficial.

Additionally, the webinar training times have been encouraging, WCBC tour groups have been a blessing to our church, knowing that staff continue to pray for our family, and of course coming to Spiritual Leadership Conference each year is a highlight.

What specific prayer requests would you like those reading this post to pray for right now?  

  • Consistent baptisms each month.
  • Stronger soulwinning ministry with more laborers for the harvest.
  • A secretary with piano experience would be great!
  • We are also praying for a biblically-sound older couple with experience to help with teaching and training.

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