Besides the looming presidential election, there are two key issues presently facing our country—both of which are issues in which you can make a difference.

Of course, the most important actions Bible-believing Christians can take are to pray and to witness. These are the direct commands God has given Christians who live in any country and in every era of history.

American Christians, however, live in a nation where we elect representative leadership. Our phone calls, emails, and letters reach our leaders. We have a voice. And I want to encourage you to use yours today in two ways:

Senate Vote on the Supreme Court Nominee

With the death of Justice Scalia, there is a vacancy on the Supreme Court. Before the president announced who he might nominate to fill this vacancy, Republicans in the Senate made it clear that they would not call a vote on any nominee President Obama might put forth.

The reason for this is simple: we’re months away from electing a new president, and these senators believed that the American people should have a choice in who will appoint the new Supreme Court justice. This seems especially true as Justice Scalia was an outspoken conservative on a court that is currently tilted with a liberal slant, and whomever President Obama would nominate would surely insure a liberal majority opinion.

President Obama, however, has nominated Justice Merrick B. Garland to serve and is pressing the Senate to undertake the process to vote to approve him. Conservative Americans (of both parties) see a Garland appointment as a Supreme Court that would indeed favor liberal rulings on moral issues.

While Senate Leader Mitch McConnell appears to be standing firm in his resolve to not bring this appointment up for a vote on the Senate floor, some Republican senators appear to be wavering.

I want to encourage you to do something that will take less than five minutes: call your Republican senators and encourage them to stand firm against any Obama nomination to fill the Supreme Court vacancy.

U.S. Republican Senators

State Senator Number
AK Lisa Murkowski (202) 224-6665
AK Daniel Sullivan (202) 224-3004
AL Jeff Sessions (202) 224-4124
AL Richard C. Shelby (202) 224-5744
AR John Boozman (202) 224-4843
AR Tom Cotton (202) 224-2353
AZ Jeff Flake (202) 224-4521
AZ John McCain (202) 224-2235
CO Cory Gardner (202) 224-5941
FL Marco Rubio (202) 224-3041
GA Johnny Isakson (202) 224-3643
GA David Perdue (202) 224-3521
IA Joni Ernst (202) 224-3254
IA Chuck Grassley (202) 224-3744
ID Mike Crapo (202) 224-6142
ID James E. Risch (202) 224-2752
IL Mark Kirk (202) 224-2854
IN Daniel Coats (202) 224-5623
KS Jerry Moran (202) 224-6521
KS Pat Roberts (202) 224-4774
KY Mitch McConnell (202) 224-2541
KY Rand Paul (202) 224-4343
LA Bill Cassidy (202) 224-5824
LA David Vitter (202) 224-4623
ME Susan M. Collins (202) 224-2523
MO Roy Blunt (202) 224-5721
MS Thad Cochran (202) 224-5054
MS Roger F. Wicker (202) 224-6253
MT Steve Daines (202) 224-2651
NC Richard Burr (202) 224-3154
NC Thom Tillis (202) 224-6342
ND John Hoeven (202) 224-2551
NE Deb Fischer (202) 224-6551
NE Ben Sasse (202) 224-4224
NH Kelly Ayotte (202) 224-3324
NV Dean Heller (202) 224-6244
OH Rob Portman (202) 224-3353
OK James M. Inhofe (202) 224-4721
OK James Lankford (202) 224-5754
PA Patrick J. Toomey (202) 224-4254
SC Lindsey Graham (202) 224-5972
SC Tim Scott (202) 224-6121
SD Mike Rounds (202) 224-5842
SD John Thune (202) 224-2321
TN Lamar Alexander (202) 224-4944
TN Bob Corker (202) 224-3344
TX John Cornyn (202) 224-2934
TX Ted Cruz (202) 224-5922
UT Orrin G. Hatch (202) 224-5251
UT Mike Lee (202) 224-5444
WI Ron Johnson (202) 224-5323
WV Shelley Moore Capito (202) 224-6472
WY John Barrasso (202) 224-6441
WY Michael B. Enzi (202) 224-3424


North Carolina Public Facilities Privacy and Security Act

Across the country, Bible-hating activists are working to push legislation that forces Americans to support their views and lifestyles in ways that truly limit First Amendment freedoms. Under the name of “anti-discrimination” laws, activists have worked to write into law ordinances that require private business owners to support their views as well as to insist that insists transgender individuals should be allowed to use public restrooms that correlate with the sex which they identify, regardless of their biological sex. These kinds of laws are an incredible violation of safety, privacy, and liberty issues. The intolerance toward Christians who simply want to live according to their religious views continues to expand.

When the city of Charlotte, North Carolina, recently passed such a law, Governor Pat McCrory called a special session of the North Carolina assembly to craft and vote on legislation that would protect privacy and security in public facilities. This legislation, the Public Facilities Privacy & Security Act, insures statewide compliance in protecting these concerns and passed with bi-partisan support.

In a string of defeats for similar legislation (including the bill Georgia Governor Nathan Deal announced he will veto under pressure from lobbyists), the courage of the North Carolina legislature is truly a breath of fresh air.

Would you consider taking a few moments to call Governor McCrory and the legislators in the North Carolina House and Senate to thank them for holding the line on such an important issue?

NC Assembly Members Who Voted Yes on House Bill 2

Name Number
Governor Pat McCrory 919-733-4240
Senator John M. Alexander, Jr. 919-733-5850
Senator Tom Apodaca 828-696-0574
Senator Chad Barefoot 919-715-3036
Senator Tamara Barringer 919-733-5653
Senator Phil Berger 336-623-5210
Senator Stan Bingham 336-859-0999
Senator Andrew C. Brock 919-715-0690
Senator Harry Brown 910-347-3777
Senator Bill Cook 919-715-8293
Senator David L. Curtis 704-483-3762
Senator Warren Daniel 828-433-0700
Senator Jim Davis 828-342-4483
Senator Rick Gunn 336-229-6981
Senator Kathy Harrington 919-733-5734
Senator Fletcher L. Hartsell, Jr. 704-786-5161
Senator Ralph Hise 919-733-3460
Senator Brent Jackson 910-567-2202
Senator Joyce Krawiec 336-996-3924
Senator Michael V. Lee 919-715-2525
Senator Tom McInnis 919-733-5953
Senator Wesley Meredith 910-867-9595
Senator E. S. (Buck) Newton 919-715-3030
Senator Louis Pate 919-658-3637
Senator Ronald J. Rabin 919-733-5748
Senator Bill Rabon 919-733-5963
Senator Shirley B. Randleman 336-921-2043
Senator Norman W. Sanderson 252-249-3749
Senator Jeff Tarte 704-765-6167
Senator Jerry W. Tillman 336-431-5325
Senator Tommy Tucker 704-256-9056
Senator Trudy Wade 919-733-5856
Senator Andy Wells 828-322-7169
Representative Jay Adams 919-733-5988
Representative Dean Arp 704-282-0418
Representative Marilyn Avila 919-280-6084
Representative John R. Bell, IV 919-344-6324
Representative Larry M. Bell 910-592-1177
Representative Dan Bishop 919-715-3009
Representative Hugh Blackwell 828-879-8454
Representative John M. Blust 336-274-4658
Representative James L. Boles, Jr. 910-692-6262
Representative John R. Bradford, III 704-453-9348
Representative William Brawley 704-574-0894
Representative William D. Brisson 910-862-7007
Representative Mark Brody 704-965-6585
Representative Rayne Brown 336-249-2608
Representative Rob Bryan 919-733-5607
Representative Dana Bumgardner 704-861-1648
Representative Justin P. Burr 704-983-4663
Representative Rick Catlin 910-452-5861
Representative George G. Cleveland 910-346-3866
Representative Jeff Collins 252-443-1441
Representative Debra Conrad 336-978-0169
Representative N. Leo Daughtry 919-934-7265
Representative Ted Davis, Jr. 910-763-6249
Representative Jimmy Dixon 910-590-1740
Representative Josh Dobson 828-442-4370
Representative Nelson Dollar 919-233-8399
Representative Jeffrey Elmore 919-733-5935
Representative John Faircloth 336-841-4137
Representative Elmer Floyd 910-488-6903
Representative Carl Ford 704-305-3541
Representative John A. Fraley 704-528-6720
Representative Ken Goodman 910-997-2712
Representative Charles Graham 910-739-3969
Representative George Graham 252-527-6865
Representative Mike Hager 919-733-5749
Representative Kyle Hall 336-480-8661
Representative Jon Hardister 336-404-8791
Representative Kelly E. Hastings 704-473-3468
Representative D. Craig Horn 704-844-9960
Representative Julia C. Howard 336-751-3538
Representative Howard J. Hunter, III 252-332-3189
Representative Pat B. Hurley 336-625-9210
Representative Frank Iler 910-201-1007
Representative Linda P. Johnson 704-932-1376
Representative Bert Jones 919-733-5779
Representative Jonathan C. Jordan 336-846-1657
Representative Donny Lambeth 336-788-1041
Representative James H. Langdon, Jr. 919-894-5797
Representative David R. Lewis 910-897-8100
Representative Chris Malone 919-395-4903
Representative Susan Martin 252-285-2060
Representative Pat McElraft 252-342-0693
Representative Allen McNeill 336-857-3633
Representative Chris Millis 910-352-1740
Representative Tim Moore 704-739-1221
Representative Gregory F. Murphy, MD 252-321-2282
Representative Larry G. Pittman 704-782-3528
Representative Garland E. Pierce 910-369-2844
Representative Michele D. Presnell 828-682-6342
Representative William O. Richardson 910-867-0371
Representative Dennis Riddell 336-222-1303
Representative George S. Robinson 828-758-5433
Representative Stephen M. Ross 336-269-3704
Representative Jason Saine 704-479-1803
Representative Brad Salmon 910-984-1012
Representative Jacqueline Michelle Schaffer 704-535-9939
Representative Mitchell S. Setzer 828-241-3570
Representative Phil Shepard 910-389-6392
Representative Michael Speciale 252-635-5326
Representative Paul Stam 919-362-8873
Representative Bob Steinburg 252-482-2404
Representative Sarah Stevens 336-789-0639
Representative John Szoka 910-583-2960
Representative John A. Torbett 704-263-9282
Representative Rena W. Turner 704-876-4948
Representative Harry Warren 704-603-8898
Representative Sam Watford 336-476-1567
Representative Roger West 828-837-5246
Representative Chris Whitmire 828-862-4273
Representative Michael H. Wray 252-535-3297
Representative Larry Yarborough 336-503-8282
Representative Lee Zachary 336-677-1777

I love America, and I’m burdened to see it preserved as a nation that stands for liberty and justice for all. So I invite you to call elected leaders who can help in these matters. And most of all, I encourage you to pray, asking the Lord to send revival to our nation.


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