You’ve heard of the 10/40 window—the relatively small section of the Eastern Hemisphere between 10 degrees south and 40 degrees north of the equator.

You’ve probably prayed for people in the 10/40 window—over four billion, 95 percent of which are unreached with the gospel.

You’ve certainly prayed for missionaries in and around the 10/40 window.

I have as well. And over the past several months I’ve been working on a project with missionaries, national pastors, and businessmen which we’re praying will have a profound impact on the 10/40 window and even beyond: Spiritual Leadership Conference Asia.

This three-day conference will be hosted in Manila February 1–3, 2016. It will be a historic gathering of independent Baptist missionaries, pastors, and Christian workers from across Asia, including the Philippines, China, Indonesia, Cambodia, Korea, Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Singapore—the largest gathering of independent Baptist missionaries and workers in Asia of which I am aware.

Daytime sessions will include practical training and ideas on soulwinning, discipleship, church leadership, and more. The evening sessions will include encouraging music and challenging Bible preaching. (You can view a schedule and list of speakers at

If you have a burden for this area of the world and for the missionaries who serve there, I want to ask you to help in two ways:

Pray Specifically

The theme of the conference (taken from Philippians 1:27) is “Striving Together for the 10/40 Window and Beyond.” Our goal is to strengthen the hands of laborers already on the field as well as praying to see new laborers called to the harvest.

We’re asking the Lord to use this conference to provide vision, training, and encouragement that will ultimately result in more souls saved and new churches planted all across Asia.

Please pray with us for these requests. Our team as well as missionaries and pastors across Asia have invested hundreds of hours and large amounts of resources in planning and preparation, but we know the conference will only be as effective as the Holy Spirit blesses. So please pray with us for this historic conference.

Send and Invite

Do you know missionaries in Asia? Does your church support missionaries in Asia?

Will you take a moment to invite them to

Perhaps you could consider raising funds to send them to the conference? We’ve worked to keep the conference registration very reasonable (below our cost, in fact) and have extended the early registration price through December 31, 2015.

If you are the sending church for one or more missionaries in Asia, why not take an offering this Christmas to cover the travel expenses to send your missionaries to this conference? I believe teaching, preaching, and fellowship will energize and refresh every missionary who attends.

If you are missionary in Asia, let me encourage you to register today for this historic conference.

In any case, I ask again that you would join me, our church family, and many others who are assisting in this endeavor to pray that God will bless this meeting in a powerful way, using it to bring lasting fruit in the 10/40 window and beyond.

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