Back to God minibook

Do you ever wonder how a nation that carved the words of Scripture into its stone monuments and inscribed “In God We Trust” on its currency could come to the place where the Bible is openly scorned and its truth is disregarded?

Although there have been concerning trends in our nation for years, it seemed to me that the Supreme Court decision this past summer granting same-sex marriage as a constitutional right brought this rejection of God to the level of an official national position.

Just decades ago, we saw the resurgence of what some called the “moral majority” in America, but today, Christians who believe the Bible can only be described as a “moral minority.”

How did we get here as a nation? Is there hope for a national turning back to God? And more importantly, what can Christians do today to make a difference for Christ?

As Bible truth is increasingly mocked and Christians are marginalized, I’m burdened that God’s people understand and hold fast to truth, respond with a gracious spirit, and intensify their efforts to witness for Christ.

These concerns have prompted me to renewed prayer but also to write a new book, Back to God: Living as a Bible-Believing Minority in the United States of America.

In this minibook, we examine the realities surrounding us today in light of the biblical response modeled by first-century Christians. (Remember, Christians in the first century knew nothing of the religious freedom we have enjoyed in America.) Like early Christians, we may be strangers—a minority in a godless culture, but we are also victors—more than conquerors through Christ.

Back to God is just in from press and is releasing today. As part of the release of this book, Striving Together Publications is offering a free kindle copy with any purchase, as well as a special price of $2 per copy when purchasing ten or more copies. (This is a book I believe you will want to share with others.) These bonuses are only available through Friday, October 30, so you’ll want to order your copies this week.

Now, more than ever before, God’s people need to be grounded in the truth of what God’s Word teaches on the moral issues of our day, and they need to develop a deep commitment to proclaim the gospel and pray for revival. Please pray with me that Back to God will be a help to Bible-believing Christians in both of these areas.

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