Someone wisely said, “Aim for nothing, and you’ll hit it every time.”

When it comes to goal setting, there are no more important areas for Christian men to set goals than their personal walk with God, their spiritual leadership in the home, and their relationships and service in the local church.

If you are a Christian man who wants to love God more, lead your family better, and see more fruit in your life, I suggest these ten goals for your New Year:

  1. Have prayer with my wife and family daily.
  2. Read the Bible through in the New Year, and journal and share the journey.
  3. Present the Gospel of Christ on an individual basis weekly.
  4. Give to the Lord through His local church weekly and participate in special offerings.
  5. Encourage another man of God in his walk with God weekly.
  6. Avoid foolish discussions and sarcastic criticism with other Christians.
  7. Fellowship with a new Christian monthly.
  8. Be involved in helping and building in at least one ministry of my local church weekly and attend special meetings whenever they are scheduled.
  9. Verbally edify my pastor or other church leadership monthly.
  10. Serve in my community and witness for Christ in that place of service.

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