I am so excited to make available a new soulwinning resource from Striving Together Publications—Paid in Full: Your Debt, God’s Payment.

This small minibook is written directly to an unsaved person. It explains salvation simply and engages with the reader conversationally. In clear, easy-to-understand (but not over-simplified) terms, it lays out our need for a Saviour and presents the freely offered gift of eternal life. The book extends an invitation to the reader to accept Christ, and a concluding chapter briefly covers assurance of salvation and eternal security.

Over the years, we’ve published similar tools (such as Done and One Thing) and have received strong, positive feedback—from soulwinners and directly from readers. I’m thankful to add another resource to this collection, and, of course, I plan to use this in my personal outreach.

We’re looking forward to using this book here at Lancaster Baptist Church for our fall soulwinning and outreach. In addition to having the book available for first-time guests in our services, it will make a helpful tool for follow up visits for those who did not receive Christ in the service. I will also use this as a gift to those I come in contact with but may not have an opportunity to fully present the gospel. Additionally, giving it to unsaved friends or family can be a helpful conversation opener.

You can download a free copy of this ebook to review. And for one week, you can preorder hard copies to give away at a buy one, get one free rate. No minimum and no limits. (This offer is only available through October 12.)

I’m excited about this new tool, and I’d ask you to pray with me that the Lord will bless it greatly in leading many readers to salvation—the gift that Jesus already paid in full!

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