When we planned the theme of “Renew” for this year’s conference, we prayed it would be replenishing and refreshing. Looking back over the past two days, God has done exceeding abundantly above in encouraging my own heart and others.

I’d like to take a quick minute and recap yesterday as well as give you a preview for what to anticipate today:

Tuesday Update

Dr. Sam Davison brought the opening message for yesterday on a needed topic in this hour: preaching the Word of God. His text was 1 Thessalonians 5:19: “Despise not prophesyings.” In this day when preaching is downplayed or disregarded, we must be faithful to take God’s Word and speak His mind. As Dr. Davison pointed out, “If we lightly esteem something God highly esteems, are we not lightly esteeming God?”

Dr. Don Sisk brought the next message on “Heaven—Our Great Source of Renewal” from Revelation 7. To hear a missionary statesman who has served the Lord for many decades now preaching on being heavenly minded was encouraging, challenging, and edifying. While some suggest that to be too heavenly minded is to make ourselves of no earthly good, Dr. Sisk pointed out, “In our generation it could be said that they are so worldly minded that they are no good for Heaven or for Earth.”

In the combined morning session, I taught on “The Renewed Worker,” and I look forward to following this lesson up with The Renewed Work this morning.

During lunch, Terrie hosted a pastors’ wives luncheon with the theme “The Renewed Pastor’s Wife” which she has been preparing for weeks. Many have said what a blessing it was to them—and I believe it. In the following session, Terrie hosted a ladies ministry idea workshop panel.

During the three split sessions today, there were over 45 workshops to choose from—all directed toward renewing either the work of God or the workers of God. Tomorrow’s three split sessions have as many to choose from as well. The workshops in the main auditorium are live streamed, and all of the workshops will be posted to next week.

In last evening’s service, we met a Christian brother from Romania—Dan Garva, who lit a candle that sparked freedom in Romania. Several weeks ago, our media team went to Romania to interview Dan and put together a video with footage depicting his story and with him sharing his testimony. I was thrilled that Dan could be with us in person tonight—along with his pastor, Missionary Tim Tyler. His testimony is one of courage, bravery, and hope—all of which we need to be renewed in our stand in our own places of service.

Dr. R.B. Ouellette preached from Habakkuk 3 on the revival we need today. His message was spot on—a clarion call to stand for Christ and pray for revival—asking God to let it being in our own hearts.

Wednesday Preview

We open today once again with an 8:30 service. Pastor Doug Fisher and Dr. John Goetsch will be preaching.

In the 10:00 general session, I will be teaching on “The Renewed Work.” Please pray the Lord uses this session to renew the vision of leaders to the purposes and structure of the New Testament local church.

Tomorrow at noon brings one of the greatest highlights for me every year—the WCBC alumni lunch. It is such a joy to see our alumni gathered from their fields of service and hear what God is doing in their lives and through their ministries.

There are three split sessions at 11:15, 1:30, and 2:30. I will be teaching one of the sessions at 1:30 on “Leading through Transition.” Between these three workshops, there are over forty-five sessions offered, and all of these will be available for free download after the conference.

The theme for tonight’s service is Renewed in Our Spirit, and my brother, Pastor Stephen Chappell will be bringing the message. I’m looking forward to this service.

Once again, all of the main services will be live streamed at If you are not able to be here in person, I pray these will be a blessing to you.

Additionally, for those who are in Lancaster, the Striving Together Store in Revels 103 is open all day and provides many helpful resources—including many new resources. I know these resources will be a blessing to you and for your church ministry.

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