It’s hard to believe that we’re just beginning the second day of Spiritual Leadership Conference. Yesterday was full and blessed, and I’m looking forward to another full day today.

Yesterday afternoon, we began the conference with our annual church planter’s luncheon. This time with church planters is always a highlight to me. As men around the room introduced themselves and told the cities where they are planting churches—from the West Coast to the Midwest to the East Coast and a few foreign countries—it was a joy to see that God is still stirring men’s hearts for needy cities around the world.

In yesterday evening’s service, we recognized the church planters again—some which did not arrive in time for the afternoon luncheon. Once again, it was a joy to see so many willing to step out in faith to plant churches. We need more church planters, and I want to do everything I can to encourage those willing to go.

The evening’s theme was “Renewed in Our Soulwinning,” and our media department put together a video with testimonies of those saved recently through the soulwinning ministry of Lancaster Baptist Church. Many of those recently saved and discipled in our church then came on the platform as testimony to the fact that the gospel still works! In every city around the world, there are still people hungry for the truth of the gospel. We need renewed soulwinners who will be faithful witnesses of Christ’s salvation.

Another highlight from the evening service was to hear our church choir with the choirs from our Spanish and Korean ministries singing “Hallelujah to the Lamb.” What a joy it will be when we stand before the Lord with those from every tribe and tongue to praise Him for His grace in salvation. May we be faithful witness of that salvation until that day.

Yesterday evening I preached from 2 Timothy 2:1–4 on renewed strength. Truly, if there has ever been a day when spiritual leaders must work in the renewing strength of the Lord, it is today. We’re praying the Lord uses every message, every session, every detail of this conference to renew His people.

Today is a full day with an opening service beginning at 8:30. Dr. Sam Davison and Dr. Don Sisk will be preaching. I’m looking forward to it and asking the Lord to speak to my heart.

At 10:00 there will be a general session which I will be teaching on “The Renewed Worker. Sometimes we put so much energy into renewing the work of God (which is vital, and which we will get to tomorrow morning) while neglecting worker of God— the inner man. God uses renewed people to renew His work. Please pray with me that the Lord will use this session to renew His workers.

Late this morning and into the afternoon, there are three split sessions at 11:15, 1:30, and 2:30. During this time, whichever session is in the main auditorium will be live streamed.

Finally, the service at 7:00 this evening, themed on being renewed in our stand, is going to be incredibly special. It’s been all I could do for weeks to not share publicly the details God has been bringing together for this service—and I’m not going to break that resolve now. But I will say that if I did tell you, you would not miss the service—either in person or via live stream. In addition to the special presentations we’ll be making, Pastor R.B. Ouellette will preach. I’m looking forward to the service and praying for God’s blessing on it.

As mentioned earlier, all of the main events of today will be live streamed at If you are not able to be with us here in Lancaster, I hope you are able to join us via live stream.

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