Late last summer I began writing Out of Commission, a book that I pray will help many Christians and local churches to make Christ’s last command our first priority.

Out of Commission is unique in that it is the first comprehensive book I’ve written on soulwinning. It identifies both problems and solutions—why we don’t evangelize as we should and what we can do about it. It is both diagnostic and practical.

It’s also unique in that, as a guide book, it is not written only to pastors or church leaders, and neither is it written only to new soulwinners. It is for pastors and church members alike—for anyone and everyone who desires to obey the Great Commission.

This book releases at the end of May, with presales (including special offers) beginning early next week. I’m excited about it’s release, and I’d like to make the first chapter, entitled “The Cost of Neglect,” available even before the book is back from press.

Click here to download the free preview chapter.

I’m praying God will use this book to make an eternal difference—to challenge, motivate, and equip Christians in reaching the lost with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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