Type As like me rarely need to be encouraged to develop ambition. But we do need to be encouraged to purify our ambition.

Conversely, Type Bs often need to be encouraged to pursue godly ambition.

Rescuing Ambition by Dave Harvey addresses both ends of the spectrum. It’s not a book about personality types in the least; it’s about developing and pursuing ambitions that honor and glorify God.

We live in a culture that loudly and persistently tells us to promote ourselves and satisfy our quest for recognition and accomplishment. As Christians, we are sometimes prone to counter these voices by quenching ambition altogether—by viewing humility and ambition as opposing values.

In reality, God created us with ambition. He gives us the drive and aspiration to live a life of significance. The question lies in how we define success. This is the difference between godly and ungodly ambition. The spiritual Christian doesn’t live a passionless life, but a life of holy ambition to humbly bring great glory to God.

Rescuing Ambition deals not only with the importance of having godly ambition, but also sustaining and fulfilling ambition through the power of the Holy Spirit.  Additionally, it speaks about the importance of fleeing the idolatry of our human ambition.

If you long to glorify God and dream big for Him or if you sometimes struggle to keep your ambition focused on the Lord, I believe you’ll enjoy and benefit from this book.

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