I’m excited about the release of the Stewarding Life Planner because it addresses a core set of every spiritual leader’s greatest needs—personal balance, time management, and life stewardship.

In a previous post I described the core components of this resource including the training and tools it provides in identifying biblical roles, setting goals, and my personal stewardship journal. I believe it will be helpful to any Christian who is serious about stewarding their life for God.

Because life stewardship is so vital for spiritual leaders, I’ve asked the men on our staff to use the Stewarding Life Planner this coming year with an accountability partner. I gave each of them a copy and a personal accountability partner. My partner is Dr. Don Sisk.

Each month, we will meet with our partners to share prayer requests and discuss our God-given roles (the book explains how to identify these roles), our devotional life, and how we’re stewarding the roles and responsibilities God has given us.

I believe this accountability partnership is needed in ministry relationships, and I’m excited the planner is available as a tool to facilitate accountability in spiritual growth, family balance, and personal fruitfulness.

If you are a pastor or a ministry team leader, I strongly recommend you similarly use this planner as a mentoring and accountability resource with your team. In fact, every Christian could benefit from using the planner in this way. (If you are interested in purchasing this resource for your team, check out bulk discounts—beginning with as few as five copies—from Striving Together Publications.)

In all of our lives, we need accountability relationships that stretch and motivate us and, yes, that ask the tough questions of how well we’re doing at what we know we should be doing now. We need relationships that help us live more fully for eternal priorities. I pray the Stewarding Life Planner is a tool for you toward that end.

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